Milwaukee Chapter National Black Nurses Association, Inc.
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Milwaukee Chapter National Black Nurses Association, Inc.
2014 Scholarship Application

The Nursing Scholarship Fund was created by the Milwaukee Chapter National Black Nurses Association to encourage, promote, and support Black individuals in pursuit of a nursing career.


1. Applications are due on or before August 31, 2014

2. Complete this application in full and submit your portfolio including the following items:

• Submit a copy of your official school transcript.

• Two letters of support from your college/university school of nursing. The letters should come from an instructor, faculty professor, or advisor on the schools letterhead.

• Please also submit a summary of your community and volunteer activities you are currently a part of or involved.

• All requested documents must be included in the scholarship portfolio to be considered by the scholarship committee (the only exceptions are official transcripts that are mailed by schools).


• Must be accepted in accredited school/college of nursing/and currently enrolled or participating in clinical rotations in their course of study.

• Cumulative GPA of 2.5 or its equivalent for undergraduate student

• Cumulative GPA of 3.0 or its equivalent for graduate student.

• Willing to become an active member of the MCNBNA.

REAPPLYING APPLICANTS: Reapplying scholarship recipients must be current active members of MCNBNA. Please complete the application and include: a current transcript, two current letters of recommendation and a summary of past years activity with MCNBNA since receipt of the previous scholarship(s).

For more information about the MCNBNA Scholarships please contact:

Shanita Washington email:
Mail completed applications to:
Milwaukee Chapter, National Black Nurses Association, Inc.
Attention: Scholarship Chairperson/Committee
P.O. Box 16649
Milwaukee, WI 53216-0649