Milwaukee Chapter National Black Nurses Association

MCNBNA's mission is to provide a forum for collective activities by African American nurses to "investigate, define and determine the health care needs of African Americans and to implement change to make available to African Americans and other people of color health care that is accessible and acceptable."

MCNBNA is committed to collaborative efforts with private and public agencies and organizations that share common concerns for improving the health status of all people of color.

MCNBNA is commited to promoting health careers/professions and providing annual scholarships and support to nursing students.

The MCNBNA Mission

Next meeting

Saturday June 10th  2017

Aurora Sinai Medical Heart Institute

960 Nth 12th Street

Milwaukee, WI 53233

10:00am-11:30am First Floor Conference Room

MCNBNA Meetings Are Fun

  MCNBNA represents the most highly  educated and experienced group of nurses  of color in Milwaukee with the ability to significantly impact health care access and health education amidst the current health care crisis. As we enter a new year of service MCNBNA will continue  to represent and provide a forum for nurses to advocate for and implement strategies to ensure access to the highest quality of healthcare for the Milwaukee Community. 

Melanie Gray PhD.RN 2017-2018 MCNBNA President.
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